The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

All Guts, No Glory is the third episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's fourth season which was first broadcast on September 27, 1993.


Will withdraws from a difficult college philosophy class then regrets his decision when he discovers that the professor is the most stimulating teacher he's ever known. He chooses to return to that class even when having to forfeit the credits it should give him.


Will enrolls in a Western Philosophy class hoping to impress a girl but finds out to his horror, not only does she have a physically-imposing boyfriend but that the person he insulted earlier at the campus store who he thought was a student is actually his professor in Western Philosophy who has a very demanding schedule. Will attempts to drop the class and the professor signs the slip to remove him from the class but Will immediately regrets the decision as the professor is extremely stimulating.

Phillip, who visits the campus store, tells Will about a professor who had a major impact on his life. Will realizes the professor he had is the same way and Phillip convinces him that he needs to quit running from every challenge in his life. Will is allowed back in the class, though he won't get a credit since the class registry is full.