The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

The Banks Mansion is a residence throughout The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air and the home of the Banks family. It is located in Bel Air, California.

1st Floor

On the ground floor has one Kitchen and two living rooms and a dining room that we see. However, after season 1, the lower floor is remodeled. When it was remodeled, the Kitchen is made bigger and so is the living room. One livingroom is removed and it appears as though the dining room is left unchanged.

2nd Floor

It can be assumed that the bank's have at least 10 bedrooms, 6 for the Residents and during Janice's wedding Janice, Vy and Helen each have rooms however Bobby doesn't have a room so Carlton is kicked out his.

Ashley States that there are 4 and a half bathrooms.


They have a rarely seen garage.

The basement is seen in 1 episode - Did the Earth Move for you? - and is filled with Will's stuff from Philly.

Carlton has a tree-house, that is implied to be very big, in fact bigger than the Pool-house.



In Season 1, the Banks family have a dark kitchen. The kitchen has a green and dark brown colour scheme and has a large island unit in the centre.

In Season 2 the kitchen is renovated along with the rest of the house, the kitchen (along with the rest of the house) becomes grander and more modern, now having a light wood colour along with white tiles.

In Season 6, Episode 1, Burnin' Down the House, Will burns the kitchen, causing it to become burnt. In the subsequent 2 episodes, the kitchen is slowly being rebuilt, there nothing in the actual cabinets and there are no cushions on seats and chairs. Season 6, Episode 4, Bourgie Sings the Blues, the sees it's final transformation. the cabinets have been painted over to feature a shade of wood that is darker than that of Season 2 and lighter than that of season 1, along with this it has blue and green features.

Living Room

In Season 1, there are 2 Family rooms seen, the Formal one, which features a Dark colour scheme, similar to most of the house, while the second one, the more informal one is closer in appearance to the Season 2 Kitchen.

In Season 2 there is only one Living Room seen, this being the main living room. It also features a table which is replaced replaced in Season 3 with 3 cylindrical side-tables.


• Their address is stated to be in 805 St. Cloud Road in - For Sale by Owner.

  • They changed scenery in season 2.