Carlton Banks
Full Name Carlton St. William Banks
Birthday 4 August 1974
Age 16—22
Square Headed Cousin
From Bel Air
Occupation Bel-Air Academy Student (formerly)
Manager at Peacock Stop (formerly)
Princeton University Student (currently)

Philip Banks
Vivian Banks
Hilary Banks
Ashley Banks
Nicky Banks
Viola Smith
(maternal aunt)
Helen Smith
(maternal aunt)
Janice Smith
(maternal aunt)
Will Smith
(maternal cousin/surrogate brother)
Eli Smith
(maternal grandfather)
Frank Schaffer, Sr.
(maternal uncle)
Bobby Lewis
(maternal cousin)
Frank Schaffer, Jr.
(maternal cousin)
Romances Jo Ann Morgan
Jackie Ames
(dated) Cindy (Fiancee)
Actor Alfonso Ribeiro
First seen The Fresh Prince Project
Last seen I, Done (Part 2)

Carlton St. William Banks is the deuteragonist on The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. He is portrayed by Alfonso Ribeiro.


Carlton was born on August 4, 1974, to Vivian Banks and Uncle Phil. He has an older sister, Hilary Banks, a younger sister, Ashley Banks, and a younger brother, Nicholas "Nicky" Banks. Carlton attends Bel-Air Academy and ULA (for two years) until he transfers to Princeton in 1996.

Carlton is a highly rational, respectful, and caring individual; however, he can be annoying, naive, and cocky. He dresses preppy and is a conservative Republican who loves Tom Jones and Macaulay Culkin. Carlton tends to have difficulty thinking about others and is often at odds with his cousin, Will Smith, although he is Will's best friend and brother figure.

Carlton has a tight relationship with his father, almost always siding with Philip in arguments. Will claims that he is sucking up, but Carlton always points out that his Father is often right in the long run. On almost every occasion that presents itself, Carlton chooses to take the side or approach the outcome which will solely benefit him or improve his image, importance or ego. He behaves like a flat-out sycophant because, in the best of times, he only cares about himself.

Carlton is very unlucky when it comes to women. They often find him unimpressive, arrogant, nerdy and obnoxious. At times when Carlton does think he's found love, it's always revealed he's actually being used in one way or another.

His siblings tend to get along better with Will than with him because they tend to find their brother awkward, annoying, and somewhat selfish. Carlton constantly prefers to think about himself, shamelessly disregards Will and his friends in favor of something that will make him look good, and reacts with a total lack of compassion when it comes to everyone else. Despite his terrible choices and self-centered ways, they still love their brother dearly.

Carlton's life of supreme social standing has led to him having a blatant superiority complex; he is insulted and even given a headache by the concept that money isn't everything. Also, a very common catchphrase of his is to say 'I'm rich' as an excuse for him not having to endure certain hardships. For example, after he insults and disregard's Will as an employee of his and Will leaves (soon leading to massive unpopularity for Carlton), Carlton tries to get Will back; however, when Will asks him to beg Carlton says 'I don't know how to beg! I'm rich!'. Furthermore, there are an array of occasions where Carlton talks down to Will, stating that Will is a ghetto kid in a big city.


"Why so glum, chum?"
―Carlton to Will[src]


  • The character is based on real-life person, Corey Chambliss.


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