Coach Smiley
Coach Smiley
Occupation History Teacher at Bel-Air Academy
Basketball Coach
Actor Dave Florek

Coach Smiley is the history teacher and basketball coach at Bel-Air Academy. In "Courting Disaster", he recruits Will to the basketball team after seeing his skills and realizing Will can help the flailing team bounce back.


Smiley is also known for his strict behavior, punishing any student to 20 laps for the smallest of errors. Will is notably the only player that never gets punished by Smiley due to being the star of the team and in "My Brother's Keeper", he makes Carlton do laps in Will's place when they notice him while he is in disguise spying on the rival team, Malibu.

Do you get the joke? He's called smiley but he's not friendly. Did you see what they were going for there? Did ya? Huh?

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