Occupation Law student
Romances Hilary Banks
Actor Malcolm-Jamal Warner
Only seen "Cased Up"
Eric is a guest character in Season 2 of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. He is portrayed by Malcolm-Jamal Warner.

Character Edit

Eric is a law student and the protege of Philip Banks who dates Hilary. Eric is shown to be a well-mannered and respectful individual, something that Will Smith mocks and considers him to be even more of a suck up than Carlton for.

Eric prepares to take Hilary out to dinner after smelling fried chicken scent from Jazz and becoming hungry. At the same time, Will and Jazz defy Phillip's orders and plan to take his new car, "The Rapmobile", to the mall to pick up girls. Eric and Hilary sideswipe Will from behind and Eric sues Phillip after finding out Will has no insurance for the car and refuses to pay for damages.

In court, both do excellent jobs as plantiff and defendant but Eric has the advantage when arguing that Will's loud rap music drowned out the sounds of his warning horns after calling Hilary to the stand. Phillip asks Hilary what Eric wore and if anything was on his face as she reveals Eric wasn't wearing his glasses at her insistence because he looked better without him. Phillip argues that Eric is required to wear glasses when operating a vehicle and that he was at fault for the fender bender since he was unable to see. Phillip wins the case as he compliments Eric on his performance in court.