The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Father of the Year is the fourth episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's fourth season which was first broadcast on October 4, 1993.


When Hilary brings Nicky to Will to take care of him over a lame excuse, Will attracts girls by using Nicky as his son. Carlton tries to stop him from going too far after Will was slandered as Father of the Year.


After Hilary leaves Nicky with Will, he decides to use Nicky as his son to attract girls when seeing the attention another single father is getting. Things go smoothly until a reporter for the school newspaper declares Will "Father of the Year" and has him on a live news report, something that Vivian and Phillip see from their hotel room.

On the news report, Will is given a years supply of baby products and a trip to Hawaii but soon feels guilty and admits the truth in front of Jackie, the school reporter and the live crew, giving all of the stuff to the real single father. Jackie and the school reporter are both angered while the single father thanks Will and reveals that the baby he had was not really his either as he was using the same routine as Will. As punishment for using Nicky, Phillip sits on Will, seeming squashing him by the screams Will makes.


  • Philip sits on Will for using his son. This was cut in past airings, but restored in current airings.
  • Vivian falls asleep when she and Philip were about to make out and Philip complains.
  • Philip felt upset when he was lying sideways on the couch but then he became surprised when he saw Will on TV holding Nicky saying that he was his son Willy Jr.
  • Geoffrey has seen both Philip and Vivian naked.