Fred Wilkes
Family Vy Smith (wife)

Yvonne Wilkes (ex-wife)
Lisa Wilkes (daughter)
Will Smith (stepson)
Eli Smith (father-in-law)
Vivian Banks (sister-in-law)
Hilary Banks (niece)
Carlton Banks (nephew)
Ashley Banks (niece)
Nicky Banks (nephew)
Helen Smith (sister-in-law)
Bobby Lewis (nephew)
Janice Smith (sister-in-law)

Actor John Amos
Frederick "Fred" Wilkes is the overprotective father of Lisa Wilkes, stepfather of Will Smith, and husband of Vy Smith.

During a time where a wedding was being prepared for Lisa and Will, a rivalry flared up between Fred and Vy. Hoping to work out their differences, the two set them up to a resteraunt to know each other and get along. Later that night, however, Will finds that the plan had completely backfired when he catches the duo in bed together, apparently having gotten along too well, much to his shock and horror. At their wedding, Will and Lisa decide to call it off as they realize they're not ready. In their place, Vy and Fred get married instead.

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