The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Grumpy Young Men is the fourth episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's fifth season which was first broadcast on October 3, 1994.


Will tries to invite his crush, Valerie to his house for a date but she has a cousin coming over so she doesn't have the time. Will, however sets Carlton up for a double date and so Valerie agrees to come over with her cousin, who actually has a bad attitude. The date ends up with Carlton and Valerie kissing, angering Will. Meanwhile, Ashley gets a driver's permit but after hearing about her father's "teaching" skills, she tries learning how to drive some other way.


Will goes on a double date with his crush Valerie, Carlton and her cousin at the pool house though Valerie's cousin has a bad attitude. While watching "Old Yeller" a frustrated Valerie tells Will to go for a walk if he isn't going to watch the film. Valerie compliments Carlton for being a perfect gentleman and putting up with her cousin before the two start kissing, which Will ends up seeing. Will is angry with Carlton which culminates in him supergluing Carlton's hands to his head and the two ending up in a fight when Carlton makes sexual remarks about Valerie but Will is knocked unconscious when Carlton elbows him in the face. Will has a nightmare that he and Carlton are both elderly men in a nursing home and Carlton steals Will's nurse. The two men fight but Carlton suffers a heart attack and tells Will he hates him before dying as Will cries over the fact he never got to tell Carlton he was sorry. After waking up from the nightmare, the two apologize and make up as they are family and that is what is important.

Meanwhile, Ashley is ecstatic about taking driving lessons with Phillip but quickly changes her mind when Will, Carlton and Hilary tell her all the horror stories about Phillip's bossy nature as the passenger. Hilary teaches Ashley to drive but it's only pretend with Ashley using a dish for a steering wheel and sitting in a chair while Hilary pretends to wave at celebrities she sees on the road. Frustrated, Ashley leaves to go take the bus.