Helen Smith
AKA Aunt Helen
From West Philadelphia
Occupation Homemaker
Family Bobby Lewis (son)
Eli Smith (father)
Viola Smith (sister)
Vivian Banks (sister)
Janice Smith (sister)
Philip Banks (brother-in-law)
Frank Schaffer, Sr. (brother-in-law)
Hilary Banks (niece)
Ashley Banks (niece)
Will Smith (nephew)
Carlton Banks (nephew)
Nicky Banks (nephew)
Frank Schaffer, Jr. (nephew)
Romances Lester Lewis (ex-husband)
Actor Jenifer Lewis
First seen Guess Who's Coming to Marry?
Last seen Breaking Up is Hard to Do (Part 2)
Episodes 8
Helen Smith (formerly Helen Smith-Lewis) is a recurring character on The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. She is portrayed by Jenifer Lewis.

Character Edit

Helen is the third daughter of Eli, younger sister of Vy and Vivian older sister to Janice. Her ex-husband is Lester, with whom she has a son, Bobby. She is one of Will's three maternal aunts and she constantly makes fun of her brother-in-law, Philip Banks.

Episodes Edit

Guess Who's Coming to Marry?
Christmas Show
The Aunt Who Came to Dinner
Mommy Nearest
Twas the Night Before Christening
There's the Rub (Part 1)
There's the Rub (Part 2)
Breaking Up is Hard to Do (Part 2)