Hilary Gets a Life
Hilary Gets a Life
Airdate January 6, 1992
Written by Eunetta T. Boone
P. Karen Raper
Directed by Shelley Jensen
Christmas Show
My Brother's Keeper

Hilary Gets a Life is the fourteenth episode of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air's second season, which was first broadcasted on January 6, 1992.

Summary Edit

After viewing the credit card bill, Phil snaps Hilary's credit cards in half to prevent her from over-spending anymore on shoes. Phil also chastises Carlton and Ashley for their spending but Vivian reveals that the items they bought were cheap and points out Phil's vision problems. Phil remains in denial of this until he accidentally mixes up Tyriq with Will.

Not knowing what to do or how to look for a job, Hillary asks Will and Tyriq to help her. Will helps Hilary by lying on her resume at a catering service but Will and Tyriq are later stuck as the servers, much to their chagrin as they had blind dates. Will gets a reluctant Carlton, Ashley and Geoffrey to help Hilary serve attendants to a Bar Mitzvah. Everything goes well until Hilary sees two of her friends there and refuses to serve at the party out of embarrassment due to her view that her job is less impressive than that of her friends. Geoffrey helps Hilary realize that she shouldn't quit at everything she tries and not to worry about what others think, as there is nothing demeaning about being a server because it's something he has taken pride in for years.