The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

I, Done (Part 2) is the series finale and 24th episode of Season 6 of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.


In the series finale, the Banks family prepares to move away from California, and Will confronts his lack of achievements since he moved in with them. Hilary moves to New York as her show has been moved there, Ashley will be living with her and will attend a performing arts school. Carlton goes to Princeton University to continue his education while Geoffrey moves back to London to be with his son. Philip, Vivian and Nicky move back East to be near their children. Will remains in California to finish off his studies.




  • Reportedly, this two-parter (which was originally shown as a one-hour episode) was not intended to be a series-ending episode, but NBC decided not to renew for another season when there were talks of defecting to another network. However, Will Smith announced that season six would be his last if the show was to move to one of the two ongoing upstarts (UPN or the WB); in addition, Joseph Marcell was either in or would be returning to West London, England, so he decided this season would be his last, and eventually, the rest of the cast followed suit.
  • In 2004, Will Smith starred as the lead in the movie "I, Robot", based on the novel by the same name. It is reported that in the early stages of the movies production Will Smith was chosen to be the star based on multiple criteria, one of the minor ones being the Easter egg of some of "The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air" episodes having similar names, such as "I, Done".
  • This is the last appearances of Will, Carlton, Hilary, Philip, Vivian, Ashley, Nicky and Geoffrey in the series.
    • This is also the second and final appearances of both George Jefferson and Louise Jefferson since their show ended and they previously appeared in Will Is From Mars. Florence from The Jefferson also appears in this episode.
    • Mr. Drummond and Arnold Jackson from Different Strokes appears in this episode for the first time since 1986 when their show ended and it's their last on-screen appearances. Will from Different Strokes is even mentioned by Arnold and he says his catchphrase for the first time since season 7 of Different Strokes.