AKA Ice Tray
From West Philadelphia
Romances Hilary Banks (fling)
Actor Don Cheadle
Only seen Homeboy, Sweet Homeboy
Ice Tray is a guest character in Season 1 of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. He is portrayed by Don Cheadle.

Character Edit

Tray is one of Will's crazy and fun friends from Philadelphia. At first glance, Ice Tray is fun-loving, loud, rough around the edges, and takes almost everything as a joke, making him somewhat disrespectful towards others. Regardless, he genuinely cares about the people close to him, such as his friend, Will, and his love interest, Hillary. During the argument between Will and Vivian, Will revealed that in 7th Grade, Tray would protect him from bullies who would jump him every time he carried books home from school.

This shows that despite Ice Tray's rough edges and joking behavior, he has a sense of selflessness towards those he cares about. It is implied by Will that Ice Tray was possibly neglected or abandoned growing up when he states 'no one was there for Tray'. This reveals that Ice Tray takes almost everything as a joke because he does not care about himself.

Series arc Edit

He is invited by Vivian and Philip to cheer up Will. Soon as he and Will started joking around, he and Hilary make out and become a couple as they enjoyed their trip to the mall and embarrassing Philip and Vivian. Will reveals to Vivian that Tray used to look out for Will and keep his bullies at bay back in Philly, and Vivian shows a new-found respect to Tray before he leaves.


  • Ice Tray is introduced as Hilary's first love interest
  • Compared to Jazz, Ice Tray and Will joke around crazier than ever