The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Janice Robertson is a guest character on Season 4 of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. She is portrayed by Pam Grier.


Janice is the seductive and manipulative antagonist from M Is for the Many Things She Gave Me. She is an old college flame of Philip Banks', but Phil never managed to win her over despite his many efforts. When she comes to Bel-Air Phil invites her over to meet the family, and her presence at the Banks' house quickly caused jealousy from Vivian, due to Phil's bonding with Janice. She is also the mother of Wendy Robertson, who later went on a date with Will (who won a bet with Carlton over her affections).

Later in the episode, Janice encountered Will after his date with Wendy, and invited him into her hotel room. After Will enters, Janice showed her true heel persona and began seducing Will, beginning with appearing to him in a red robe. She later showed Will some vacation photos of St Tropez, as well as one of her hardly wearing anything on the beach, which caused Will to attempt to leave Janice's room in a rush. At that moment, Janice turned heel and informed Will that he is not going anywhere, and later engaged in a sexual tryst with Will.

The next day, the Janice encountered Will again at the Banks household and continued to manipulate Will, showing concern only for her own appearance if her secret was found out. During a family barbecue, Janice invites Phil over to her hotel for dinner that evening, prompting Will to confess to Phil who is so horrified that he loudly blurts out Janice's secret to everybody. Even after Wendy storms away in disgust, ashamed of what her mother had done, Janice showed no remorse and tried to claim what had happened was no big deal, to which Vivian retorted "Maybe not in your little world". Janice then tries to put the moves on Phil to get the heat off her back, but he resists and he shows his true devotion to Vivian. Janice then leaves the Banks' home in disgrace.