Carl Robertson
Occupation Judge
Actor Sherman Hemsley
First seen P.S. I Love You
Last seen Asses to Ashes
Episodes 3
Judge Carl Robertson is a guest character on The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. He is portrayed by the late Sherman Hemsley.


Carl Robertson is the former mentor of Philip Banks and Banks' rival in vying for the judicial seat. Robertson is known as being quirky, mischievous and also absent-minded. He is prideful, corrupt, stingy, sexist, cantankerous, accountable, roguish, loquacious, relentless, organized, brilliant, egotistical, resentful, thoughtless, shrewd, obstinate, no-nonsense and callous.

Series arc Edit

In "Here comes the Judge" he revealed that when he was checking out the police files to find any dirt on Philip, he discovered what he thought was Will's enormous parking ticket violation and called the police, making sure Phil would lose the vote. While not appearing in "A Night at the Oprah", it is heard on a news report that he adopted 12 ghetto kids in order to compete with Phillip taking in Will.

In "Asses to Ashes", Carl launches a smear campaign against Phil by saying he endorses criminals and doesn't throw them in jail and ultimately wins the election due to Phil's refusal to fight fire with fire. When congratulating Carl on his victory, Carl's arrogant attitude causes Phil and his family to leave as he calls Phil a stooge and the biggest sap who ever lived. Will comes back and defends his uncle on how much more honorable and more of a man he is than Carl and tells him to "drop dead", which he does from having a a fatal stroke.

Will feels guilt-ridden about this and much to the family's surprise, they find out at the funeral that most of the attendees hated Carl including: 

  1. A man Carl sent to jail for a crime he didn't commit.
  2. His Gardener, who Carl called immigration when it was time to pay him.
  3. His mistress who doesn't have any good memories of him and remembers the time he asked if her sister would come around.

After hearing what the people said Will approach the podium and asked how the people could badmouth Carl, and when he was asked who he is Will response that he was the one who killed him, resulting in everybody clapping for killing him.


  • Hemsley also made two later appearances as George Jefferson (the character he famously portrayed in All in the Family and its' spin-off The Jeffersons).