The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

M is for the Many Things She Gave Me is the twenty-second episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's fourth season which was first broadcast on April 25, 1994.


When Philip's former college girlfriend, Janice Robertson (Pam Grier), visits the Banks family, she attempts to seduce an uwilling Will, who is supposed to be getting to know the daughter, Wendy (Elise Neal). Vivian is openly jealous of Janice's presence (made worse by overhearing Phil saying he "settled" for Vivian after Janice showed no interest), but when Philip finds out that Will slept with Janice, he apologizes to her and makes it clear that he values his marriage more than anything Janice tempts him with. She accepts his apology (but still has him sleep on the couch for his flirty behavior).


  • William Thomas Jr. is the fifth person who appears on "The Fresh Prince" from "The Cosby Show." The first was Malcolm Jamal-Warner, the second was Raven Symone, the third was Allen Payne, and the fourth was Karen Malina White.


Philip: Do you know what it's like to go after a girl and not get her?
Will: No.
Philip: Well, finally after two years, I learned that Janice was never going to have me so, I settled for Vivian.
(Vivian walks in and hears, then storms upstairs)
Philip: Oh no! With Vivian, with Vivian, sweetheart that came out wrong, honey! Honey! Baby?!
(Geoffrey walks in)
Will: Geoffrey, prepare Mr. Banks' couch.
Carlton (to Will): Hold your permit, mister. What makes you think her daughter is gonna opt for you when she can have me?
Will: Well, number one: 'cause I won't be saying stuff like "opt." Number two: 'cause Geoffrey still has to cut up your food.
Will: Uncle Phil, you cannot go to the hotel with that woman!
Philip: It's just for a little dinner...
Will: Yeah, then dessert, the likes of which even you ain't ever seen. Okay Uncle Phil... Janice is the one that-that-that got away, right?
Philip: Yeah...
Will: Well, she ain't get away from me.
Philip: What?
Will: Uncle Phil, I was dropping Wendy off back at the hotel, right? And, y'know, I was walking down the hall, and the Mrs. Robinson comes up and she askin' about the quake. So, y'know, I go in. I tell her. Then she slips into something more comfortable. Then grabs these pictures and she showed me these pictures of San, San....something and then, y'know, before I knew it...(fidgeting) TA-DOW.
Philip: Ta-dow?
Will: Taaa-dow.
Philip: Taaa-d...oh, OH! YOU SLEPT WITH JANICE!
[Everyone stands in shock]
Ashley (imitating Philip): Ashley, go to your room!
Carlton: OH, I LOVE THIS!
Ashley: And take Carlton with you!
Carlton: Hey, I'm not going anywhere.
Philip: You heard what I said.
Janice (to Phillip): Too bad. We could have had something special.
Philip: I have something special. (looks at Vivian)
Will: I'm 19 years old and I have made some mistakes.
Philip: Yeah, I'm 45 and I make them too. The secret is to learn from them.
Will: Yeah, I learned my lesson. From now on I'm only dating girls with ugly moms.