Mama's Baby, Carlton's Maybe
Airdate October 12, 1992
Written by Michael Fry
Directed by Shelley Jensen
Hilary Gets a Job
P.S. I Love You


Carlton prepares for a dinner date with his former girlfriend, Cindy, forgiving her for rejecting him several months earlier, but when she arrives with a newborn baby named Carlton Jr., the entire Banks family is stunned. Philip refuses to believe that the baby is his grandchild until a blood test proves it; Vivian reprimands Cindy for not coming to them for advice. Determined to accept his responsibility, Carlton elopes with Cindy to a small-town chapel. While waiting for the preacher to marry them, they realize that they're incompatible to spend the rest of their lives together. When Will arrives at the chapel to stop the ceremony, he learns that Cindy has called off the wedding and had her parents take her home, leaving Carlton bewildered and heartbroken. Carlton meekly confesses to Will that the baby wasn't his as he is still a virgin. Will realizes that Carlton would have rather been accused of fathering an illegitimate child rather than admitting he is a virgin.

Trivia Edit

  • Alfonso Ribeiro and Lark Voorhies (Cindy) later played lovers on the UPN network sitcom "In the House."


Ashley: Carlton, why are you wearing a suit? Is Daddy bringing home white people?
Vivian: Carlton, being a teenage parent is very hard, and you have already proved yourself irresponsible by getting yourself into this mess. How are you gonna raise him, feed him? Educate him?
Carlton: Wait. You guys aren't gonna take care of us?
Vivian: Hold me back, Philip!!!
(Philip restrains Vivian as Will rushes Carlton out of the room. Then, Will picks up a banana as Philip and Vivian start to go after Carlton and blocks the door)
Will: Stand back, y'all! I got a banana and if either of you take one more step, I'll fill both of you with potassium!
Will: I would like to point out that Uncle Phil's head is about to explode and for once, it ain't my fault!
Ashley: Carlton, a father? He won't even let Ken and Barbie sleep in the same shoebox.
[When Phillip calls Cindy's parents]
Philip: Ah, yes, hello. Hey, don't you dare try to hang up on me! What kind of lowlives are you, throwing a minor out on the street and endangering a helpless infant?! Well, I'm gonna do everything I can to see you behind bars! (shouting) Now, what do you have to say for yourself? Uh, so when will your mommy and daddy be home?
Carlton: I'm a virgin.
Will: What?
Carlton: I'm a virgin!
Groom: It's nice to know somebody still is! (storms away)