The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Mother's Day is the twenty-third episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's fourth season which was first broadcast on May 2, 1994.


When Jazz and his wife, Jewel (Karen Malina White), try unsuccessfully to conceive a child, they ask Will to "father" the baby. It turns out being the bull for a hotwife is Will's fetish. Meanwhile, Philip challenges the kids to put more thought into their Mother's Day gifts for Vivian.


Jazz and Jewel try unsuccessfully to conceive a child due to Jazz's impotence when the two stay with Will while their apartment is repainted. The two ask Will to be a sperm donor and father their baby. Though reluctant, Will agrees to do so but at the fertility clinic, he has a change of heart after having a nightmare where Jazz, Jazz Jr and Will are all old but Will is treated poorly and non-existent despite being the biological father. At a restaurant, Will prepares to admit the truth when Jewel reveals that she is pregnant by Jazz. Will is relieved that he did not have to tell the truth and Jewel reassures him that Will Smith Jr. will come one day.

Meanwhile, Phillip is inspired by Will making bronzed baby shoes for Vy on Mother's Day so he challenges Carlton, Ashley and Hilary to hand pick thoughtful gifts this year rather than have Geoffrey pick up things for them (though this is also ironic since Phillip still asks Geoffrey to get the usual dozen roses, causing Vivian to tell him he'll be sleeping on the couch.) Ashley and Carlton give thoughtful gifts but Hilary's gift is simply a conceited home video of her through the years without any inclusion of Ashley, Nicky or Carlton.