My Brother's Keeper
My Brother's Keeper
Airdate January 13, 1992
Written by Bennie R. Richburg Jr.
Directed by Ellen Falcon
Hilary Gets a Life
Geoffrey Cleans Up

My Brother's Keeper is the fifteenth episode of Season 2 of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.


On the basketball court, winning is everything to Will, as it is to an opponent from Malibu Prep, who can't afford to lose due to need for a scholarship.

Will is torn between wanting the glory of winning for himself and letting the other player have his chance at success.


Will's team is 4-0 and he must impress a scouter that is attending the upcoming game against Bel-Air Academy and Malibu Prep. Will learns later at the barber shop that Malibu's star player, Marcus Stokes, grew up a homeboy similar to him and also discovers that Marcus has a son he is trying to support. After having a nightmare placing himself in Marcus' position, Will is overcome with guilt between impressing the scouter and winning the game or letting Marcus have a shot at success.

During the last seconds of the game, Will purposely lets Marcus go around him to score the winning goal for Malibu. Will admits to Marcus that he let him score in order to impress the scout and hopefully get to the NBA to provide a better life for himself and his son. Marcus tells Will that he is determined to have that successful life by using his brain and education rather than his talent as making it to the professionals is a tough goal to accomplish. Will and Marcus then play one-on-one against each other, this time in a friendly manner. 


Will: Hey, Coach Smiley, what are you doing here?
Coach Smiley: Quiet, Will, can't you see I'm in disguise? That's twenty laps, no wait, I don't want you to hurt yourself. (to Carlton) Banks, you can do it for him.

Will: Oh, Carlton, I dreamed you had hair like Don King.
Carlton: Did I look taller?