The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Nice Lady is the twentieth episode of the first season from the television sitcom on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which was originally aired from NBC on February 11, 1991. It was directed by Jeff Melman and written by Sandy Frank.


Geoffrey's old employer Lord Fowler and his daughter come to the Banks' house for the weekend.

Will wants to use the car to go to a Ziggy Marley concert in Nevada, but Philip and Viv won't let him, so he promises to take Lady Penelope to the opera, but she winds up not being what Will thought she would be. 

Lady Penelope turns out to be wild and rebellious, going to the wildest bar in L.A. and refusing to leave. Will sneaks and gets Geoffrey to help him retrieve Lady Penelope, informing him that she is a wild child and not as proper as her father thinks. Both fail to find her as the man she had previously danced with tells them that she broke up with him and stole his motorcycle when he wasn't paying attention. 

At home, Will and Geoffrey decide to break the news to Lord Fowler until Lady Penelope arrives and vouches for Will accompanying her to the opera. Phillip allows Will to borrow the car for the Ziggy concert despite knowing that Lady Penelope's story was a lie.





  • Running Gag: Phillip, Vivian, Carlton, Ashley and Hilary trying to make excuses to get out of hearing Lord Fowler's boring stories.