She Ain't Heavy
Airdate November 4, 1991
Written by Lisa Rosenthal
Directed by Ellen Falcon
The Big Four-Oh
Cased Up

She Ain't Heavy is the 8th episode of Season 2 of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.

Synopsis Edit

Will Will's cool quotient take a hit if he dates a girl who's phat.. and large?


Will hits it off with the full-figured friend named Dee Dee (Queen Latifah), but her size keeps Will from asking her to the dance. Though Will likes her, he takes the shallow way out as soon as his friends start teasing him. When he sees her at the dance with another guy, does he see more clearly that it's what's on the inside that counts more than the outside. Will and Dee Dee have a terrible time with their dates, who don't understand their straw joke. Ultimately, Dee Dee and Will make up. Meanwhile, Carlton encounters a string of bad luck before the dance such as his tuxedo shrinking, all the tuxedos being rented out, his shoes being stolen by a dog, his date canceling on him due to a pimple, his terrible tuxedo and hanging out with the geeks who are wearing similar ones, a flat tire and his bad luck finally causing Phillip and Vivian's bed to break. Phillip throws out his back while searching for Vivian's earring that Will previously wore to school. Phillip takes advantage of this by having Vivian wait hand and foot on him until she ultimately catches him walking around outside of his bed. Phillip, Ashley, Hilary and Geoffrey become addicted to the home shopping network.

Trivia Edit

  • Dee-Dee mentions she'll be shouting out her phone number to Magic Johnson at the Lakers game. Three days after the airing of this episode, Magic Johnson announced he had contracted HIV and abruptly retired
  • Syndication airings cut the scene where Vivian finds out Philip was lying about his back pain

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