The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

This pages comprises the full verbal transcript of the first episode of Season 1 - The Fresh Prince Project.


The show begins with Will Smith at the door singing and knocking on the door. Geoffrey Butler approaches the door and lets Will in. Will runs up to him to give him a big hug.

Will Smith: Hey, Uncle Phil! How you doin'?

Geoffrey Butler: I am not your Uncle Philip.

Will Smith: Oh, my fault, man. Uh, must have the wrong crib. I didn't know there was so many brothers living in the neighborhood. We're doing alright, huh?

Geoffrey Butler: You have the right house. I am Geoffrey, your uncle's butler.

Will Smith: Oh, okay, well uh, cheerio and all that Walter now. Excuse me, bring the horses around would you, ha!

Geoffrey Butler: If you will follow me, I will show you to your room, Master William.

The two walk into the living room.

Will Smith: Hey man, it's cool if you just call me Will, man.

Geoffrey Butler: Master William, tradition dictates that a clean, unbreakable line be drawn between a family and their butler. Therefore, it is necessary for the operation of the household that you address me as Geoffrey, and I in turn address you by your proper title, Master William.

Will Smith: What are you, Robo-Butler, man?

Geoffrey Butler: Come with me, Master William.

Will Smith: Yo yo, G, G, G, let me rap to you for a second man. All this "Master William" stuff, I'm not down with that, make it sound like we back on the plantation or something, we like "Massa William, Massa William!" Let's come up with something better that you can call me.

Geoffrey Butler: What would you prefer?

Will Smith: Check this - "His royal freshness" - that's dope!

Geoffrey Butler: Master William, walk this way.

Will Smith: Nah.

Philip and Vivian Banks enter the living room to meet Will.

Vivian Banks: Willie!

Will Smith: Hey, Aunt Viv!

He and his aunt hug.