Top Dog
From Los Angeles
Occupation Student
President of Phi Beta Gamma (formerly)
Actor Glenn Plummer
Only seen Blood is Thicker Than Mud
Top Dog is a guest character in Season 4 of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. He is portrayed by Glenn Plummer.

Character Edit

Top Dog is a college student and the former president of the Phi Beta Gamma fraternity. Top Dog is a friend of Will and allows both Will and Carlton to enter into the fraternity, subjecting them to humiliating tasks for initiation but gives harder tasks to Carlton due to his prejudice against Carlton's rich background.

At a frat party, Top Dog assures Will that he is in but Carlton isn't since he doesn't fit the standards of the fraternity. Will lies to Carlton and claims he didn't get in to spare Carlton's feelings but after he confronts Top Dog about not accepting Will, Top Dog reveals the truth to Carlton and refuses to let him join as he is a sellout for not acting black enough. Carlton defends himself against Top Dog, telling him that despite their different social backgrounds, they still deal with the same struggles being black men and calls Top Dog the "real sellout" for not sticking by all his brothers despite claims he made earlier and simply tripping them up. Another frat member, who had become uncomfortable with the way Top Dog was treating Carlton, tells him that he doesn't speak for the rest of the fraternity and he will have him kicked out for his actions.