Will Steps Out
Airdate November 28, 1994
Written by Maiya Williams
Directed by Shelley Jensen
Will's Up the Dirt Road
Same Game, Next Season

Will Steps Out is the eleventh episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's fifth season which was first broadcast on November 28, 1994.

Summary Edit

Will finally realizes that he is madly in love with Lisa - but only after he has been on a date with another woman. In an attempt to hide the truth, Will bribes the girl to keep shut. Meanwhile, fitness guru Susan Powter endeavors to help Phillip lose weight - but after Will cracks just one too many fat jokes, Susan forces Will to wear a fat suit to experience just how Philip feels.

Plot Edit

At an auction, Will and Lisa get into an argument when Will refuses to get rid of his beeper but Carlton and Will purchase Susan Powter's services after mistaking her to be Michael Jordan. Lisa begins hanging out with her friend Dana, which makes Will jealous and he realizes he is madly in love with Lisa when he cannot bring himself to hook up with Carlotta, a female from his "Chicktionary." Will plans to tell Lisa about his feelings but he is put into a fat suit to experience what Phillip goes through after he cracks a fat joke at Phillip's expense. Will runs into Dana and Lisa at the grocery store where Will finally confesses his true feelings for her as other customers look on in happiness.

Susan leaves after becoming annoyed with Carlton's behavior and Will, realizing that he is now a one woman man, gives his "Chicktionary" to Carlton in a rite of passage.