Winner Takes Off
Airdate January 4, 1993
Written by Casey Maxwell Clair
Directed by Shelley Jensen
Werner Walian
Mommy Nearest
Robbing the Banks

Winner Takes Off is the fourteenth episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's third season which was first broadcast on January 4, 1993.

Summary Edit

Will and Carlton decide to play a trick on Geoffrey as revenge for a earlier prank and convince him that he has won a multimillion dollar lottery... however this backfires when Geoffrey immediately quits his job after insulting the whole family. Telling him the truth, Geoffrey is left so embarrassed he decides to leave anyway.


Geoffrey gets revenge on Will and Carlton hustling him in a game of Three-card Monte by hustling them by watching an old episode of a game show, Brainstorm, causing them to bet higher out of confidence Geoffrey doesn't know the answers. As payback, Carlton and Will trick Geoffrey into thinking he won a $26,000,000 lottery using last week's lotto ticket and drawing. Geoffrey quits his job after insulting Vivian's cooking, breaking an expensive vase, opening an expensive bottle of champagne and jumping on their couch. Will and Carlton tell the truth but Geoffrey leaves anyways out of humiliation over the prank and insulting the family.

Will and Carlton are forced by Uncle Phil to bring Geoffrey back home, who is now working as a waiter in a restaurant. Though he continues to refuse, Will and Carlton are able to convince him to come by telling a sob story about being Geoffrey's estranged sons that he is ashamed of due to being poor and their mom only having one arm, leaving Geoffrey pleased that the two would embarrass themselves just to convince him to come home.